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Ice it…

Do you like winning??  Without second thought, hell yes should have been your answer… and if you want to win this weekend, you came to the right place.  I’ve had Ice water running through my veins lately and this weekend will be no different.  Get to the window, and get ready to fill those pockets with some coin.

Cal @ Stanford / Stanford giving 8…

This Pac-10 beauty has the #17 Cardinal hosting the #25 Cal Bears.  Sure, Cal brings in a wonderfully talented running back Jahvid Best, averaging 6.1 yds a carry and an impressive 12 TD’s.  Only one slight problem, Best is out with a concussion.  Sure, Cal was able to handle #17 Arizona last week, but Arizona hadn’t scored 139 points over the last 3 games destroying the #8 and #9 team in the country.  That distinction belongs to the Jim Harbaugh led Cardinal.  These future lawyers and doctors are crushing teams as of late, and that doesn’t stop this weekend.  Giving only 8 to a Bestless Cal team… Cal is toast.  Stanford wins this game by at least 17 making this win a breeze for us gamble Gaters.  Take Stanford and enjoy the show.

Oregon @ Arizona / Ducks giving 6

Next up for my parlay pleasure, brings me back to the Pac-10 for some west coast delight.  The Ugly Ducks of Oregon are traveling down to face off against the Desert Swarm.  Big problem for the Swarm, they have yet to face a Top 25 this year and Oregon brings in the #11 team in the country and horrible uniforms.  I am not sure which is going to be uglier, watching Arizona’s defense try to stop an offense averaging 37.1 PPG or the terrible yellow/green combination that Oregon wears on occasion (and what the hell are those feathers on their shoulder pads).  Lagarrette Blount, the kid who threw the punch heard around the world, is back in the lineup for Oregon.  I don’t anticipate seeing much of him, but Oregon isn’t going to need him to knock these guys out.  Giving Arizona less than a touchdown, Oregon wins big.  Take them and rejoice.

UConn @ Notre Dame / ND giving 6

Interesting game… The tubby Weis has his hands full with national speculation that he is out at the end of the year, and I don’t disagree.  Mr. SuperBowl rings hasn’t done squat (and I mean nothing at all, not the exercise squats, although those are clearly not being done either) since taking the job nearly 5 years ago.  He has some nice talent on that squad with more than a few guys moving onto a Sunday schedule in the near future.  That just makes his failures even more concerning.  All that talent, yet not one victory against a Top 20, ever, ouch big fella.  An inspired UConn team comes to South Bend getting 6 points and I am all about it.  UConn has lost their 5 games by a total of 15 points.  Couple that with ND’s traditional Stanford match-up next week, and you have a recipe for a UConn win.  This game being at ND makes no difference to me, UConn on national TV getting 6, I love it… Take UConn, look for the snotty nosed Weis to be whining on the sideline all day, and laugh all the way to the window as you collect your winnings, baby!!!


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Shattered Weekend

The only way my football weekend could have been worse, is if I had fallen off the barstool and split my head open while suffering through the Notre Dame game & downing a few bloody mary’s on Saturday at Doyle’s.

Once again, my lock of the week comes through with Atlanta covering at home.  That was the only bright spot to my weekend.  Not that it mattered, because Green Bay completely choked and lost at Tampa.  Blowing the parlay that would of paid $220.

The Packers cost me again (15 points) in my confidence pool.  The Giants, Niners, and Bears cost me as well.

I got absolutely murdered in Fantasy, by a team that is far inferior to mine.  Mostly because he had Kurt Warner that torched the Bears and put up 34 fantasy points.

Speaking of the Bears.  EM-BEAR-ASSING.  I was going to rant on what a joke the Bears have become.  On how god-awful the O-Line is, how brutal the D-Line has become, on how Tommie Harris is one of the biggest bums in Bears history, how the Bear “receivers” can’t seem to break off their routes and get open for a scrambling Cutler, on how the only players that have any fight in them are Cutler, Alex Brown, and Lance Briggs, and how downright terrible the coaching is.  But why bother?  Why waste anymore time on them?  I already wasted 3 hours on Sunday, I’m not going to do it again on Monday.  Bottom line is, we need a change.  Fire Lovie.  lovie

Notre Dame.  Another waste of time.  43 straight years beating Navy.  Lose 2 out of the last 3 under Charlie Weis, who has turned the once proud Fighting Irish into a complete laughing stock.  Fire him!


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