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Milton Bradley

With the GM meetings underway, the topic most Cubs fans are discussing is Milton Bradley.  We all know Cubs GM Jim Hendry took a big chance bringing the highly volatile Bradley to Chicago last spring.  It undeniably turned into one of the worst free agent disasters in Cubs history.  Bradley was not only a major bust on the field, but was a cancer in the clubhouse and a total distraction off the field.  Proving once again that a zebra doesn’t change its stripes.  So now the question becomes, how do the Cubs get rid of this guy, get someone in return and do so without having to eat all of his remaining $9.6 million in total salary?  There have been numerous trade rumors.  Reports say the Cubs have been in talks with the Mets about Bradley for Luis Castillo and the Rays regarding a Bradley for Pat Burrel deal.  Texas has longed been rumored to be willing to take Bradley back.  However, it was never known under what circumstances.  ESPN is now reporting that the deal could include swapping Bradley for RHP Kevin Millwood.  I’m not quite sure what the right move is here.  I’m wondering what all of our “Gators” out there think.  So, here is our first poll:



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