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Bears vs. Vikings: Not quite the ‘good scene’ in a ‘bad movie’

So I thought I smelled upset…it turned out to just be stench of asswhip…also known as complete and total domination. I know, they totally have a similar aroma. The Bears actually did show us exactly who they are today while getting smacked around by the Vikings. I guess some movies…well, they just completely suck and should not be viewed. Can someone call up Bill Cowher and see what he’s doing next year?

In other highlights:
Jay Cutler continued his poor play while the rest of the team continued not to play.
The Cover 2 defense proved once again that it is not designed to stop a slant or a post route…ever.
Orlando Pace continued his false start/holding penalty streak (let’s keep building on that).
Matt Forte is changing positions from running back to ‘really fast walking’ back.
And the defense was ‘stingy’…giving up a measley 300 first half yards and smidge over 500 for the game. Stifiling.

I think we made some progress today. I can’t wait for the Rams.


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Bears vs. Vikings: Is it just me or does anybody else smell tease?

After a night out with the old lady and spending 50 bucks on a meal that left us both still hungry…I got to thinking about poor financial decisions. I can’t believe I got upsold on the wine…it all tastes the same after two glasses anyway. Being late Saturday night my next logical thought was about Bears vs. Vikings.

We’re all down on the Bears right? Same old shit…tampa 2…Rex is our quarterback…still a quarter left in the season…yeah…we’ve heard it all. After a couple of bad losses to Philly and San Fran, we have pretty much written them off. They are 4-6, what’s the point?

This is the problem with being a Bear fan or a fan of the NFL in general. Just when you think its all over, they tend to yank your chain. Just like a movie with a bad ending, right when you expect the credits to start rolling…they break into another scene. You stay tuned hoping for a better plot resolution.

The Bears and Vikings are that scene. Don’t get me wrong, this is a bad movie…very bad. But even bad movies have good scenes.

Every logical bone in my body tells me that the Bears don’t stand a chance against Minnesota. Orlando Pace trying to slow down Jared Allen…Farve picking apart a weak Chicago secondary…’All Day’ Adrian running right through the Bear’s D-Line. It all has the looks of an easy-breezy-lemon teezy Vikings win.

But that’s the beauty of the NFL and in particular the Bears. Right when you think you know something…you don’t. Just when a pattern emerges, it ends. And just when everyone thinks the Vikes will roll the Bears on Sunday, they won’t.

This is that one good scene in a bad movie. I don’t know why or how this will happen, but its got the classical set up for a Bear win. That one game where they put it all together for four quarters before regressing to who they really are. Their season is about over, they are coming off a couple bad losses, and the Vikings are simply a better team. Result…Bears win 27-24 on a Robbie Gould field goal and you wake up Monday morning hoping this movie has a better ending. Its classic, right when you think the Bears season is over, they come up with an unexpected win making you say, ‘You know, if they win the next 6 in a row….’

This is why we watch bad movies – even the worst ones can still be entertaining for a period of time.

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Maybe Next Year

‘I feel like we’re still in the mix.’ – Love Smith after the Bears lose to Philly and drop to 4-6 on the season.

Despite Lovie Smith’s delusional outlook on the remainder of this season, the proverbial shit hit the fan last night against the Eagles and inevitable conclusion is near. This team is going no where.

Lovie Smith is holding out hope for a Bears playoff appearance

Lovie, enough is enough, you can only fool your fan base for so long. This team hasn’t played a complete game since week 2 against Pittsburgh and the product has seemingly gotten more problematic every week since. Gap control defense? Doesn’t that mean people are suppose to be in the gaps?

Matt Forte, you look old. Despite what Emmit Smith told you, the NFL is not Dancing with the Stars. Why are you so shifty? Just make a god damn move and cut with some explosiveness. You haven’t broken a run since a touchdown in your first game as a rookie. Speaking of first games, I’m looking forward to Khalil Bell getting more reps.

O-Line, or Old-Line, where to start? While your play seemingly improved against Philly, let’s be realistic. I don’t remember the last time Jay Cutler wasn’t scrambling around the pocket before making his second read or throwing a ‘fade away’ off his backfoot like Jordan in the mid-90’s. You’re lucky Orton’s not back there or you guys would have given up twice as many sacks this season.

The saftey play is inadequate at best. Never believe announcers when they comment on how the coaching staff is ‘really impressed’ with their sixth round draft pick. This is never the case…all the coaches are really saying is ‘we have no depth at this position.’ Yesterday on third and short in the fourth quarter when McNabb ducked under center and attempted to pick up the first down conversion, Craig Steltz (yes Craigs Steltz was on the field) wrapped up the Eagles quarterback and had him stopped. Sixth round rookie Al Afalava (with no blocker on him or anybody in front of him) was caught watching. Instead of finishing the play and pushing McNabb back to prevent the first down, Afalava thought it’d be a good time to play ref and start measuring the spot before the play was over. Just the tip of the iceberg, the safties have missed tackles, been out of position, and have not made any ‘big’ plays (Manning’s interception against the Browns doesn’t count, we’re talking about making plays against real football teams here). It really makes you wonder why the Bears let the likes of Brandon McGowan (now starting for the Pats) and Chris Harris (now starting for Panthers) just walk away.

The D-line is just not 'who we thought they were'

The defensive line, you are no longer the stength of this team. You are the biggest questions mark. Aging and inconsistent. Even when they do play well, it seems that the rest of the team can’t ‘put it together’ and the effort is wasted. Despite getting to McNabb a few times on Sunday night…on how many times did he have all day to throw the ball?

Jay Cutler, bet you didn’t expect this huh? Now I know you haven’t had a lot of time to throw the ball and we as fans have often relied on you to bring the Bears back from usually large deficits. But the picks (18) and overthrows of wide open receivers have become glaring. Despite always having a d-lineman in your face, you need to be better. However (I’m not making excuses), I do think that with time you will be better and a cornerstone of this team. But currrently, you are below average on your decision making.

Lovie Smith, you are not ‘in the mix’. You are on the hot seat. This team is spiraling out of control. I don’t care what quarter of the season we are in right now or that there is more than a quarter of the season left. Four quarters of bad football against the Vikings and you can consider yourself ‘a quarter of a season’ away from being fired and it doesn’t matter who your quarterback is.

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Bad News Bears

cutler2 Wow! Just when you think it can’t get any worse….

I don’t even know where to begin.  I might as well start with Cutler.  The honeymoon is officially over.  5 INTs (2 more in the Red Zone) bringing his yearly total to 17.  People are jumping off the Jay Cutler bandwagon faster than Paris Hilton spreads ’em on a first date.  There is no way to defend him, well that is unless you’re wearing a Niners jersey.  Let me be clear: Cutler’s performance last night was atrocious.  No question.  His poor decision making and his continued inability to protect the ball in the Red Zone is unacceptable.  Plain and simple.  But please, let’s not lose perspective.

Sports talk is a buzz this morning with callers screaming for the return of Kyle Orton.  Have we completely lost our collective Bear minds?  Yes, Cutler has 17 picks on the year.  But he has also thrown 14 TDs.  Orton has 9. Nine, with a MUCH superior group of receivers.  Cutler is solely responsible for 2 of the Bears 4 wins.  Both the Steeler game and the Seahawk game, the Bears won because of Cutler and in spite of the rest of the team.  Games in which, let me assure you, Orton would not have won.  You take the good with the bad when it comes to Cutler.  He is still young.  He is a young gunslinger.  You are going to get games like last night and the Green Bay game.  But you are also going to get games in which he takes the team upon his shoulders and wins them because of his pure athletic ability and his fearlessness.  The same fearlessness that sometimes gets him into trouble.  Again, I’m not defending his terrible performance last night. He must get better.  But that will come with time, experience, and maturity.  And most of all, by improving the players around him.  For now, I’ll take the good with the bad.  I’m just afraid Cutler’s disaster last night is clouding the big picture.

The Bears are just not a very good team.  They have lost 4 of the last 5 games, going 1-4 after the bye.  They have been outscored 123 – 81 in those games and if you take out the Cleveland game (because let’s face it, the Browns are not a real NFL team) it gets even worse at 117 – 51.  You can’t blame that all on Jay.

Our so-called #1 receiver had three consecutive plays that consisted of a false start, a holding penalty, and falling down that caused an interception.  There is no running game.  Pass protection is a joke.  There were multiple delay of games — one coming on a FG attempt!  The D played well last night, but still didn’t make any big plays.  The Lance Briggs pick was void because of an offsides penalty and a Tillman forced fumble was recovered by Frisco.  There is no player or coach that is innocent in the homicide of the 2009 season.

And on a side note — the NFL Network is awful.  The camera angles suck, the audio sucks, and they don’t even show down and distance.  BRUTAL.


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