Real guys and real fans talking sports….and then some.  Whether you agree or disagree with us, we would love to hear from you.  Post your comments, send us your tailgating pictures, whatever.  Want us to discuss a topic? Let us have it!

Grab a burger and a beer and dig in!  You never know who (or what) you’ll find at the gate!sanfrangirlstailgate



5 responses to “About

  1. I say you guys do a write up of why some teams don’t have honey’s like these Honeys above as Cheer Professionals. Do sports teams have recruitement departments for Cheerleaders? If so where do I apply. Oh and do you see that guy on the truck holding the Beer Funnel. Yeah you guest right, thats me.

  2. Is it wrong to say “I want to do illegal, filthy things to those 2 LSU honies using my mouth and a few discontinuted garden tools? Because if it is wrong, then I won’t say it!!!

  3. IceMan011

    I think it depends on the garden tool used…

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