Bears vs. Vikings: Not quite the ‘good scene’ in a ‘bad movie’

So I thought I smelled upset…it turned out to just be stench of asswhip…also known as complete and total domination. I know, they totally have a similar aroma. The Bears actually did show us exactly who they are today while getting smacked around by the Vikings. I guess some movies…well, they just completely suck and should not be viewed. Can someone call up Bill Cowher and see what he’s doing next year?

In other highlights:
Jay Cutler continued his poor play while the rest of the team continued not to play.
The Cover 2 defense proved once again that it is not designed to stop a slant or a post route…ever.
Orlando Pace continued his false start/holding penalty streak (let’s keep building on that).
Matt Forte is changing positions from running back to ‘really fast walking’ back.
And the defense was ‘stingy’…giving up a measley 300 first half yards and smidge over 500 for the game. Stifiling.

I think we made some progress today. I can’t wait for the Rams.


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One response to “Bears vs. Vikings: Not quite the ‘good scene’ in a ‘bad movie’

  1. Wrex Genesis

    The one element more biting than enduring an abysmal movie is when you knowingly paid that $10 on a whim that despite what the critics may say, and the B-list cast aside, “hey, I don’t expect anything by way of substance, but what else have I got to do today?” Well, it certainly feels like I just wasted another ten bucks on an agonizing Eddie Murphy film; again. I’m beginning to wonder why I keep expecting something out of an act who has only had one hit since the ’80s.

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