A Gamblers Dream…

Are you kidding me??  This is not happening.  

Georgia Tech only giving -13.5 at Duke.  The #7 team in the country playing a powder puff this week and the number is less than 2 TD’s.  I took that game without even blinking, final score GT49- Dukeies 10.  Next, on the menu, my eyes wandered over to the Cardinal of Standford, going into the house that Pete built and taking on a diminished Carroll led Trojans.  Surely, USC giving only 10.5 would handle Jim’s Harbaugh’s future doctors and lawyers.  I mean, USC has to still be embarrassed by the game 2 years ago when Stanford, 40 point DOGS handed USC the loss.  My disdain for USC allowed me to enjoy that Stanford victory 2 years ago, and helped me in taking Stanford this past weekend.  Stanford 55- USC 21…  2-0 baby!!

As usual, at this point I thinking, only 3 more games, and it’s yours.  I jumped into Big Ten action and immediately caught the Hawkeye fever.  Sure, they were going into the Horseshoe, but getting 17 is a huge number.  Remember Iowa is a team that plays nearly everyone closely.  Their defense is fairly solid and even without their quarterback there was no reason to let this dog lie.  I took Iowa and watched as they lost in OT 27-24.  With the 17 on the front end, this was an easy winner. 

The only time I really broke a sweat was watching the Irish, led by Mr. Weis.  Is this experiment over yet?  Charlie, first, wipe your nose off, we can all see the snot running down your face.  Next, give us a reason to believe you deserve another year.  Any wins against a Top 20 yet, nope.  Sure, you have flashy rings and a stunning physique, but your not doing nearly enough in South Bend and the time has come to pack your bags.  This was it, ND was gonna finally win against a Top 20, and Pittsburgh was giving 7.  Well, I was wrong, the Irish had a chance near the end to actually win the game, however ended losing 22-27, but with my 7 on the front end, BAM 4-0.

Here I was, sitting 4-0 and my hopes all riding on Oregon and if they can hold off Arizona State, and not just bet them, but pound them by 19+.  Sure the Ducks have been just crushing everyone since the first lose at the Blue Abyss earlier this season, but 19 is a big number.  4th quarter… not up by enough, bam, just then FG and finally another with less than 2 minutes to ice it, Oregon 44 – Arizona State 21.

My sensational Saturday, 5-0 without really even breaking a sweat.  Those of us that play the spread, know the feeling of that sweet temptation offered to us.  The delight in watching as our team covers, or the dog awakens, allowing us the savory taste of victory.  Sure the financial reward is fulfilling, but the knowledge of knowing WE picked the right team, is oh so satisfying. 

Parlay those picks together, on a $100 bet, and I just walked away with a cool $2500.  Only one problem… I didn’t play.  I had the winners written down before the games started, and just didn’t pull the trigger.


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