Bad News Bears

cutler2 Wow! Just when you think it can’t get any worse….

I don’t even know where to begin.  I might as well start with Cutler.  The honeymoon is officially over.  5 INTs (2 more in the Red Zone) bringing his yearly total to 17.  People are jumping off the Jay Cutler bandwagon faster than Paris Hilton spreads ’em on a first date.  There is no way to defend him, well that is unless you’re wearing a Niners jersey.  Let me be clear: Cutler’s performance last night was atrocious.  No question.  His poor decision making and his continued inability to protect the ball in the Red Zone is unacceptable.  Plain and simple.  But please, let’s not lose perspective.

Sports talk is a buzz this morning with callers screaming for the return of Kyle Orton.  Have we completely lost our collective Bear minds?  Yes, Cutler has 17 picks on the year.  But he has also thrown 14 TDs.  Orton has 9. Nine, with a MUCH superior group of receivers.  Cutler is solely responsible for 2 of the Bears 4 wins.  Both the Steeler game and the Seahawk game, the Bears won because of Cutler and in spite of the rest of the team.  Games in which, let me assure you, Orton would not have won.  You take the good with the bad when it comes to Cutler.  He is still young.  He is a young gunslinger.  You are going to get games like last night and the Green Bay game.  But you are also going to get games in which he takes the team upon his shoulders and wins them because of his pure athletic ability and his fearlessness.  The same fearlessness that sometimes gets him into trouble.  Again, I’m not defending his terrible performance last night. He must get better.  But that will come with time, experience, and maturity.  And most of all, by improving the players around him.  For now, I’ll take the good with the bad.  I’m just afraid Cutler’s disaster last night is clouding the big picture.

The Bears are just not a very good team.  They have lost 4 of the last 5 games, going 1-4 after the bye.  They have been outscored 123 – 81 in those games and if you take out the Cleveland game (because let’s face it, the Browns are not a real NFL team) it gets even worse at 117 – 51.  You can’t blame that all on Jay.

Our so-called #1 receiver had three consecutive plays that consisted of a false start, a holding penalty, and falling down that caused an interception.  There is no running game.  Pass protection is a joke.  There were multiple delay of games — one coming on a FG attempt!  The D played well last night, but still didn’t make any big plays.  The Lance Briggs pick was void because of an offsides penalty and a Tillman forced fumble was recovered by Frisco.  There is no player or coach that is innocent in the homicide of the 2009 season.

And on a side note — the NFL Network is awful.  The camera angles suck, the audio sucks, and they don’t even show down and distance.  BRUTAL.



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2 responses to “Bad News Bears

  1. IceMan011

    The game just had to much for me to get into right now, but as for the NFL network, they are crap. Papa and Millen are the 2 best commentators they could get for the first Thursday night game of the season, what a joke!!

  2. Bears?????
    Bears who?
    Who are these Bears you speak of????
    BAD NEWS BEARS!?!?!?!
    Never speak of Bears to me again for the rest of the season!
    T E R R I B L E !!!!!!!!

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