Shattered Weekend

The only way my football weekend could have been worse, is if I had fallen off the barstool and split my head open while suffering through the Notre Dame game & downing a few bloody mary’s on Saturday at Doyle’s.

Once again, my lock of the week comes through with Atlanta covering at home.  That was the only bright spot to my weekend.  Not that it mattered, because Green Bay completely choked and lost at Tampa.  Blowing the parlay that would of paid $220.

The Packers cost me again (15 points) in my confidence pool.  The Giants, Niners, and Bears cost me as well.

I got absolutely murdered in Fantasy, by a team that is far inferior to mine.  Mostly because he had Kurt Warner that torched the Bears and put up 34 fantasy points.

Speaking of the Bears.  EM-BEAR-ASSING.  I was going to rant on what a joke the Bears have become.  On how god-awful the O-Line is, how brutal the D-Line has become, on how Tommie Harris is one of the biggest bums in Bears history, how the Bear “receivers” can’t seem to break off their routes and get open for a scrambling Cutler, on how the only players that have any fight in them are Cutler, Alex Brown, and Lance Briggs, and how downright terrible the coaching is.  But why bother?  Why waste anymore time on them?  I already wasted 3 hours on Sunday, I’m not going to do it again on Monday.  Bottom line is, we need a change.  Fire Lovie.  lovie

Notre Dame.  Another waste of time.  43 straight years beating Navy.  Lose 2 out of the last 3 under Charlie Weis, who has turned the once proud Fighting Irish into a complete laughing stock.  Fire him!



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  1. IceMan011

    Man, look at that body on Weis, what a piece of work that is… I smell a top 8 finest football coach physique list brewing.

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