Sammy Sosa? What the f***?

sosas-SAMMY-SOSA-SKIN-large I have just one question before I rant about one of the worst possbile football weekends ever:  What in the hell happened to Sammy Sosa? I had no idea one of the side effects of steriod abuse was turning into a god damn vampire!



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4 responses to “Sammy Sosa? What the f***?

  1. Brian

    WOW! That’s about as bad as TJ losing at Fantasy Football this week!!! HAHAHAHA I say

  2. IceMan011

    Last I checked, Death by Ice was still dominating that league. Most points, most wins… nothing but goodness. Hey Brian, I’m giving a fantasy football camp this weekend, $50 bucks and I will show you how to draft and manage a winning team

  3. WTF Sammy! Looks like you accidentally injected Clorox bleach into your ass making your skin all MICHAEL JACKSON-I-FIED instead of your roids!!! Be careful you NO ENGLISH SPEAKIN, HIT DA HOME RUNS, I DIG MICHAEL JACKSON, DOMINICAN HAS BEEN MOTHER FU_ _ ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. THIS JUST IN……. Sammy Sosa saw “Paranormal Activity” this weekend & it scared his Dominican ass WHITE!!!!!!!!!!

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