High School football on Sunday?

Troy Aikman hit the nail on the head when he spouted out the soon to be infamous line “I thought they played high school football on Friday’s.”  This of course was in to reference to the absolute thumping that our “Monsters of the Midway” took this weekend.  Monsters, ha, how far we have come in such a short time.  The team was frightening in how fast they got to the ball, how quickly they created turnovers, how well they ran the ball offensively and controlled the clock, and when we needed a big play, we remember Devin Hester being “ridiculous.”  The only thing frightening about this team is wondering if we have to deal with Lovie Smith again next year.  That is down right terrifying.  Hey Lovie, knock knock… Lovie, u there?  Hellooooo?!?!?  I started keeping track throughout the game of how many times the camera focused on Lovie’s expressionless face on the sideline after the Bears screwed themselves, time and time again. 

Tommie Harris lays a haymaker on a defenseless player — Lovie nothing.  The defense gets shredded five straight possessions for scores– Lovie nothing.  False Start 63, false start 57, false start… aw hell, the whole damn team moved that play in the third quarter — Lovie nothing.  The very best moment for me came in the first half, near the beginning of the second quarter.  Arizona was already pulling away winning 14-7 and driving.  Moments before that, the cameras panned down to the field and there was the fearless defensive coordinator, Lovie, directly and motivating his players (Yes… the defensive is going to play inspired now, they just got a very subtle scolding–we all know Lovie doesn’t yell at his guys on the field, and they will stop the Cards).  What a joke…. the next three possessions, TD, TD, and FG leading to a 31-7 halftime score.  Mr Score hit with me this little nugget this morning, the Bears hadn’t allowed 31 points in the first half 2 times in the last 90 YEARS, Lovie’s boys managed to allow that the last 2 of 3 games.

Not all the blame falls on the head coach.  We have all heard it before, he’s not playing, he’s not the one making tackles and throwing the ball.  The hell with that logic, he is directing the players and he is supposed to be putting the players into positions to succeed.  This team is old, undermanned and displays to many of  the tendencies of a poorly coached team.  No imagination on offense, no number 1 receiver, no pass rushing end, no DT creating havoc up the middle, 1 corner who can’t tackle because he wants a damn fumble, the safeties have to support way to much, and that is just a few of the issues, and by the way no first or second round picks this upcoming year. 

The fact is we don’t need a guy ranting and raving up and down the sidelines for 60 minutes, but in a city built on hard-nosed football, that’s what we want.  Iron Mike made his mistakes sure, but at least he didn’t blow smoke up our ass about his team.  If his team stunk, he knew it and he would tell you.  Hey Lovie, your team stinks, it’s clear you don’t know that yet.


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  1. “Rex…..is our quarterback” HEY LOVIE!!! YOU ARE TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

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