Put it on Ice….

green-bay-packers-logoTime to get serious….  the weekend is upon us and it’s time to make some coin.  Only 3 home dogs this week and I’m not liking any of them.  As a matter of fact I like the first one going the other way.  GB Packers (yes, I still can’t stand them) are giving 10 against the Bucs.  Aaron Rodgers is the most sacked QB in the league, 31 times, yet he still manages to have a passer rating of 110.4 (calling Jay Cutler… yes this proves that you can still be highly effective when getting pressured).  Line that up against a defense without Monte Kiffin directing the ship, Ice it baby, 31-10 winner.

VINYLMAGNET-SEAHAWKSSeattle has the miserable, yet not as bad as 2008 but why do we have to watch them on Thanksgiving every year, Lions at home giving 10.  At home this year against Jacksonville and St. Louis,  two teams considered to be in the same realm of the crap produced in Detroit, went into Seattle and got Haumillered on (for those who don’t know, haumiller is another way of saying dumped, craped, pooped, shatted on.. it was introduced by my buddy Deviouscycles, who has a way with words).  Both the Rams and Jags didn’t even cross the goal line.  I expect the Lions to score something, perhaps 6 in an effort in which Seattle puts up 27, Ice it….

Kid, those are the first two that really jump at me…. hit us with your thoughts.



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  1. I like macaroni and cheese and hotdogs, however I always like more cheese on anything. Consider me a conservative migrating all purpose Vegan, as I go against the grain and eat meat in front of a vegetarian. Yes, all that to say Packers will defnitley win games, playoff games however I would disagree. Thinking back to my childhood, I think Seattle as a cloudy underdog, wet and rainy city. So with that being said, no thank you to there management and team. Falcons have mad skills, but will lose in playoff crunch time do to there inconsistent defense. Houston is the team to be scared of with Matt Schuab 28 yrs of age, plays with HOU QB rating 100.5, has 8 games played 188comp. of 283 att. 66.4 comp%, 2342 yards 16TD’S on pace for 30+td’s, 7 int., 72 long. Who is this guy. I would have to say red zone percentage for Houston is way high as well. They put up numbers, similar to the Saints. Now that is like a kid playing some back yard middle school football stats. Houston is my pick. Plus the ladies are hot in Houston. From the Sun people.


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