I Like ‘Em

Ice, I like those.  I like Green Bay more than I do Seattle.  I know Seattle is at home, but that doesn’t hold the same weight it used to.  Detroit sucks yes, but Seattle aint that good either.  That being said, you know I’m a big fan of history and trends — both of the Seahawk wins came at home against the two terrible teams you mentioned.  It stands to reason then,  it will be the same story this week against the Lions.

Here’s a surprise — I love the Falcons at home this week.  Atlanta is 3-0 at home. Washington is 0-3 on the road.  The Falcons are coming off a tough loss last week, almost pulling out the victory on the road against the NFC best Saints.  They will be out for blood this week.  And, the Skins blow.  Enough said.

All the other games to me are a toss-up.  A lot of 3 point spreads this week.  It scares me.  I did like the Dolphins, but I’m beginning to think its a sucker bet.  They are turning into the sexy pick of the week, and I don’t like it.  Our beloved Bears take on the Cards at home.  The Bears are 3-0 at home, while the Cards are 3-0 on the road.  Stay away from this game.  I could see Houston making it a game in Indy, but I’m not confident enough to wager.  Chargers and Giants.  Chargers arrow is pointing up, Giants on a three game losing streak heading the other way.  Stay away.  Both the Cowboys and Eagles are on a roll.  This is always an emotional game.  Again, could go either way.

So in my mind there are four possible picks:  Packers, Seahawks, Dolphins, and Falcons.  I suggest parlaying the strongest two.  I know which way I’m leaning….green-bay-packers-logo1falcons


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  1. IceMan011

    I’m in… Atlanta and GB, and after they dominate the noon time slot, we take a peak and jump on the Seattle train that is taking off at 3:15.

    I smell a parlay….

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