NIU – I knew it!!!!


Why didn’t I bet my Huskies last night?  21 point home favorite.  I knew it was a lock!!  They thumped Eastern Michigan 50-6.  I didn’t even know Eastern Michigan existed.  I’ve partied at Western Michigan….but Eastern?

NIU is carving out a nice little season.  Almost upset Wisconsin in Madison to start the season, beat Purdue at Purdue, 4-1 in the MAC with the only blemish a loss on the road against Toledo by a point.  Go Huskies!

Speaking of betting, tough weekend all around.  The Irish jump out at me.  Only giving 11 at home against Navy.  Washington is getting 5 on the road at UCLA.  If Washington can beat USC, they can certainly beat UCLA.

NFL looks tricky.  Maybe Miami & Atlanta? Iceman — what are you thinking?


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One response to “NIU – I knew it!!!!

  1. IceMan011

    Insteresting thoughts indeed kid…. Washington on the road scares me a bit, Locker is tough, but going into a hostile UCLA, yikes… Big surprise you want on the Atlanta bandwagon again this week, they did cover last week so we snuck by because of the hook, but I need some more time to let that one marinate.

    ND, Navy… number is too big. NFL ~ I’m Loving Seattle playing against Detriot giving 10. Seattle has played both Jacksonville and St.Louis at home, smokin’ them 41-0 / 28-0… Detriot is going to get worked the same way.

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