Spike the Eyes…

This past weekeyesend, Brandon Spikes, starting linebacker for University of Florida decided it wasn’t enough to tackle the runner, but he wanted to RIP his EYES out.  How does the UOF respond, their fearless leader decides that a one HALF suspension against Vanderbilt is the way to go.  Seriously ???  One HALF???  This player intentionally tried to gouge the eyes of another player and the response is weak, at best.

It gets better, after Urban felt the heat from the national media, he decided it was best to sit him the whole game.  Whoa, Mr. Meyer, did you come up with that all alone, or was it the player’s decision, hmmm.  There are rumblings that the PLAYER himself asked to sit out a full game.  Interesting, that the mature adults in charge of the situation had deemed it wasn’t necessary to sit the whole game, but the 22-year-old kid did.  Perhaps it’s just my disdain for Florida football, or perhaps that there clearly should have been a full game suspension and a statement from the football program immediately. 



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