Bleeping Yankees!!

Well, the Yankees did it again.  Won another World Series.  Their 27th World Championship to be exact.  Although my hatred for them has subsided over the years – replaced by my disdain for Boston all their recent dominance (in every major sport) – I still can’t stand New York and the Yankees.  Set aside the fact that I lost 50 bucks to our CFO of all people (the rich get richer), but I will always look at them as The Evil Empire.

I’m just so glad it wasn’t Pretty Boy A Rod or Ladies Man Jeter or even Funny Man Swisher that ended up being the World Series Hero.  It was Hideki Matsui – hands down the ugliest MVP EVER!!HMatsui



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2 responses to “Bleeping Yankees!!

  1. The Yankees? Really? Is anyone TRULY suprised with a World Series victory? It isn’t HIP HIP HORRAY that the YankMEES won…. it would have been more of a complete failure if they would have lost. Buying rings is a complete understatement with this one and they really did not play all that well. The Phil’s blew games! The YankMEEs are a discrace to baseball and yes……. DAMN THEY ARE UGLY!!!!! GO RED SOX!!!!

  2. The comment about H Matsui is hysterical and so true. I think A Rod looks like a girl and it is not cute at all.

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