Game Six

Game Six tonight.  Pedro vs Pettitte.  Two old goats as Pedro put it.  How about old butt-chin vs old greasy gheri curl?

I’d love to see Utley hit another homer and tie Reggie as the most in the a World Series.  I also need the Phillies to win so I can win my side bet at the office and force a Game Seven.  And if neither of those things happen, the least I can hope for is that Kate Hudson realizes what a douche bag ARod really is and leaves him before the 7th inning stretch.



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3 responses to “Game Six

  1. World Series???
    Here is an equasion for all you Yankee fans that dig math……

    Yankees + Worlds Series + Jeter + A-Rod + A-Rods Roids & gay lover + Posada =

    FU_ _ OFF & BLOW ME YANKEES!!!!!!!!!

  2. *** LET’S JUST RIP EM SOME MORE!!! ***

    YankMEE’S!!!! LOL!!!! Roids or no roids…… We are beyond that. The true fact is, The YankMEE’S are just a group of whiney TOOL BOXES!!!! They just bought their championchip….. soon they will buy the computer accurate strike zone & then go buy the upcomming replay review. Then ALL of Mariano Rivera’s crappy INSIDE PITCHES FOR BALLS will be called strikes not just MOST of them! GO SOX!!!!


    Did anyone else see Posada & A-Rod making out together with a dildo made of chocolate in the alley behind that pizza joint in NY???
    WHAT A SHOW!!!!!!!
    They sure know how to celebrate with each other!!!!

    W I E R D O ‘ S !!!!!

    I heard A-Rod whisper to Posada….. “Hey Jorge Porge, I think my ring slipped off into your butt!!! Can you dig in there & check or can I?”


  3. IceMan011

    Spoken like a true Red Sox fan….

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