Dang…. Deng!!


Those of us who tortured ourselves and sat through the Bulls game last night were not only treated to a very ugly win, but also something that we haven’t seen since 2004.  Luol Deng posted the first 20 board… 20 point game in 5 years… 5 years, you’re kidding right?!?!!?

Perhaps you remember the great Marcus Fizer, or if you’re like me you remember what a real disaster that Cyclone turned out to be… well he was the last to post a 20/20 game back in 2004.

Luol Deng was given the richest contract in the history of the Bulls when he signed a 6 year deal worth $71 million in guaranteed money.  A franchise that was home to 2 of the top 15 greatest players in history, are giving Deng, with a career 15.4 ppg all that loot???  The Bulls wonder why they haven’t had an All-Star since 1998… I know why, your paying the wrong people.  Hopefully Deng proves me wrong and he breaks that curse this year, but my money is on that not happening.


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